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International and local stocks are available to create a powerful trading portfolio.

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Trade multiple other digital money with cutting-edge trading technology and transparent conditions.

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Make the most out of Prime Holdings
trading technology and support, boost your trades, grow your profits.

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Commodities are quite sensitive to market changes. Adapt to them and maximize your profits with our trading culture.

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To participate in an IPO, register with Prime Holdings 
and activate your account with us. Access IPOs, trade their shares once they are public.

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A market available 24/5, with a daily transaction volume of $ 5 trillion. The most liquid market, providing enormous opportunities.

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Trade Bitcoin with our team of digital money experts. Create a digital money portfolio and diversify your investment.

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Trade with a full package of advanced tools and indicators which will make it easier for you to make better decisions.

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If you are here, it means you belong to the group of people, who are fully aware that you and only you can change your life. Activate one of the accounts & start trading with Prime Holdings.

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Open your account with us and receive immediately your welcoming bonus. For each friend you bring to us, you will get a special bonus. Transfer your funds from another broker and get an extra bonus also.

Build a competitive trading portfolio with multiple assets through
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Today we are very proud to serve with the highest standards of trading online, to half a million of clients all over the world. We are growing and prospering together with our clients. For a decade we have been trading on the financial market and helped our clients change their lives.

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State-of-the-art trading platforms providing mobility, safety and power

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Three different account types designed according to your needs

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Excellent customer support service agents

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Transparent trading conditions, no fees, no charges

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Stop loss and take profits functions available

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Negative Balance Protection and SSL security standard available

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