About Us

Prime Holdings Activity

Prime Holdings serves its clients with cutting-edge trading technology and one of a kind trading services to active traders, individuals and not only. We are providing innovative trading techniques which help traders to perform better and faster trading analysis.

Our advanced trading platforms and other additional services come with an expansive range of solutions enabling clients to create their own trading experience by designing the plan, the trades, optimizing and testing them.

Assets from all the markets are available, with the best trading conditions in the market. Explore a full range of customizable tools for market studying, market monitoring. This way a trader will act knowing to read the figures and compare the historical data of trading assets.

“Core features of our trading platforms are putting our clients steps ahead in the market. Very fast execution time, live prices, economic calendar and dedicated news section. We also created small groups of traders led by account managers or financial advisors, so each client’s needs are taken into consideration and paid equal attention.

You are not a number for us, you are a business partner, so you are treated accordingly. Transparent trading standards, no hidden fees, no commissions. The key of success is transparent and direct discussions. Moreover, Prime Holdings provides general supporting channels and personalized support for certain clients also. We also provide some first level of trading knowledge for our traders, always if they ask for it. Meanwhile, our clients are advised to read concepts over trading online continuously.

Prime Holdings Story

The Evolution
Prime Holdings started its services as a Forex trading online company in 2008. In 2009, we included in our services portfolio digital currencies also. Bitcoin started to rock the market and we were there to help our clients make the most out of this opportunity. Today, we have thousands of employees working in our branches in the biggest financial centers of the world.

We provide thousands of trading assets in five markets, free access, the lowest trading costs in the market, everything transparent since the beginning. We have integrated real-time market data in our website and trading platform, so you will be informed any time about the very last quotes of the market.

A Mission Completed

Since the first day in this business, our team has been committed to creating a rich trading environment. This means that the main focus has been the technology, the platforms. There is MT4, the state-of-the-art trading platform at the moment and Web Trader, which is a product of our software developers team. There is a solution for newbies and experts as well. Trade where you feel the best.

Today we are very proud to serve with the highest standards of trading online, to half a million of clients all over the world. We are growing and prospering together with our clients. For a decade we have been trading on the financial market and helped our clients change their lives.