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What moves Bitcoin's price?

Bitcoin’s volatility makes it a very attractive opportunity, even though it brings a certain level of risk. Since the time it was released, it went through various sharp price movements. While the market operates around the clock, price movements are possible to happen anytime during the day. Since it is the youngest market, there is a lot of uncertainty. There are a couple of factors which influence Bitcoin price.

Bitcoin supply- there are expected to be mined 21 million Bitcoins by 2040. Up to now, there are mined 18.5 million Bitcoins. Bitcoin will fluctuate depending on the rate and the activity of Bitcoin holders.

BTC market capitalization- the total market value helps a trader understand that Bitcoin is a good opportunity or the latest bubble.

Bitcoin as all the other assets are affected by the perception of other traders and the public in general. Bitcoin is still fragile in terms of security, value and longevity. This is why it is influenced more than the others.

Bitcoin reputation- People are very loyal to traditional currencies, they tend to trust less new, different payment systems, online platforms and not physical stuff.

Bitcoin usage- Bitcoin is not fully embraced by businesses and financial institutions. More usage it has, the more reliable and trustworthy it will be considered.

What does it take
to be successful while trading Bitcoin?

“Being successful while trading crypto will mean a different result for different individual investors. Start with the minimum amount with a Web Trader or MT4 account. Some traders tend to keep their Bitcoins whatever happens in the market, and this is considered a success for them. Meanwhile, success for some others means trading on Bitcoins, selling them when a certain price is met. However, we are here to help you with a vast range of tools and trading facilities which will make your experience easier and more successful.

First, have enough capital before starting to trade. Do not trade with your last savings. Second, set a limit for losses and profits you can afford and would like to reach. Third, learn technical analysis- how to read the graphs, lines, bars and candlesticks. Fourth, always be updated with the latest events. Fifth, do not grieve for too long for a mistake. Forget it and learn from it.

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  • Hodl
  • Market Cap
  • ICO
  • Mining

Holding a crypto/asset despite what is happening in the market.

The total value of the market or the currency. To work this out: Circulating supply x Current Price = Market Cap.

ICO: Initial Coin Offering is the process or event in which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency. For analogy with the traditional currency system, this is like an IPO.

This is the process of computer hardware running complex mathematical calculations that end up creating Bitcoins.