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International and local stocks are available to
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Why are stocks good
for your portfolio?

Stocks are considered a smart path towards a successful trading experience. They are flexible and diverse. Buy or sell stocks for short term or long term. Think about the long term and hold your positions for the long term, observing the value go up, so you sell the stock at the right moment and make your profits.

First step is constructing your portfolio, which has to do with the selection of stocks which you think will meet your trading expectations. There must be popular stocks which have the largest market capitalization, and also blue chip stocks which are less powerful but will help diversifying the risk better.

If you are in the beginning of your trading experience, stay closer to less risky stocks and then slightly go after riskier stocks. Technology, inventions, pharmaceutical stocks are examples of fast growing stocks in the marketplace. A simple research will make you aware of the most convenient stocks for you.

Think and decide if you want to trade stocks only or have a mixed approach. Stocks are chosen in particular categories like energy stocks, IPOs and technology. There are also indices, which are based on a group of stocks performing from the same industry.

Invest your capital
in big-name stocks

Choose stocks which will bring the opportunities to you. Trade the giants of the stock market, the ones which stay in the forefront of innovation. Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon will direct you towards the path of success. Buy, share and trade the most powerful stocks of the moment.

Download trading platforms for desktop, web and mobile and do not lose a single opportunity. Convert market events into successful decisions in real time. Trade with the most sophisticated trading technology of the market, technical analysis tools, indicators, techniques and other extra advanced charting packages. Get support and assistance from our financial advisors and support agents.

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Stocks Keywords

  • Bull market vs. bear market
  • Short-selling, or short-sale
  • Growth stock vs. value stock
  • "Sell in May and go away"

A bull and a bear market are the two most common concepts when the discussion stands at stocks trading. A bull market is, by definition, a 20 % greater market compared to a recent low. A bear market, on the other side, is a 20% lower market compared to the most recent one.

Short-selling is a definition used when you sell the stocks. If the prices keep going down, it means you made a good decision because if you would let it sell with a lower price, you would make less money. Otherwise, if the prices go up, it means you made a wrong decision, because you would sell the stocks with a higher price.

Determining risk tolerance is one of the most difficult decisions when you start trading. As a newbie you might tend to be a bit reserved when it comes to risk tolerance. A growth stock is usually volatile and tends to be in technology and biotechnology. Value stocks are the ones which are traded with lower prices.

There is a belief that the stock market tends to be cyclical and selling your stocks in May could be a smart decision. As the holidays come, they push people to buy, helping the economy grow and the stocks prices boost.